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How to Get the Alibi Channel

Alibi Channel

Get out your magnifying glass and notebook, get in your undercover squad car and shout ‘Guv!’ a lot, for today we’re focusing on the Alibi channel. It’s the foremost channel for crime-based drama in the UK and the programming includes all the usual suspects such as Bergerac, Taggart and a host of other famous inspectors – you can find out below which digital TV packages include Alibi. The origins of the channel are quite different, it started out in 1997 as arts channel UK Arena (the name coming from the BBC arts show Arena) before becoming UK Drama in the year 2000. Finally in 2008 it was decided that the channel should focus on crime, the non-crime drama was moved onto sister channel G.O.L.D and Alibi was born.

What’s On Alibi?

Alibi broadcasts from 7am to the early hours with a bit of home shopping to fill in the gap and the content is mainly crime-based drama from the BBC and ITV with other content from the USA and Canada mixed in.

BBC content includes such favourites as;

  • >> Judge John Deed
  • >> Bergerac
  • >> Miss Marple
  • >> Inspector George Gently
  • >> Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

From the ITV archives programmes including;

  • >> Taggart
  • >> Rebus
  • >> Reilly, Ace of Spies
  • >> Inspector George Gently
  • >> Hetty Wainthropp Investigates

And from across the pond;

  • >> Hart to Hart
  • >> The Last Detective
  • >> Cagney and Lacey
  • >> Murder, She Wrote

How to Get Alibi

Sky Digital Alibi is available in the Sky Variety Pack, you can find Alibi on channel 132 and the +1 timeshift on 209.

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Virgin Media Alibi is available in the Virgin TV L package or above, you can find it on channel 130 with the +1 timeshift on 131, however to get Alibi+1 you need the Virgin XL TV package.

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