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Make the Most of Sky Anytime+

Sky Anytime Plus

There are so many channels to choose from on Sky TV, so why is it we still flick from channel to channel to find something to watch? Perhaps it’s because we know what we want to watch and when we actually want to watch it, but the timing is never right – if this is you, Sky Anytime+ could be the answer.

Sky Anytime+ allows customers to stream a whole load of TV programmes and movies to the Sky box at the touch of a button. So what about the content on there? To begin with, Sky Anytime+ is a free service which is available for Sky TV customers who also have Sky Broadband. Anytime+ can be accessed by pressing ‘TV Guide’ followed by the ‘Anytime’ button (the red button). Unlike the old ‘Anytime’ which provided a smaller selection of movies and TV programmes, Anytime+ has a category bar where you can narrow down a specific genre from a selection of nine choices. These genres include Movies, Documentaries, Sports and Kids, to name a few.

So, if you decide to select the ‘Movies’ tab, the genres are then broken down further (into 10 boxes) to help you find which type of movie you are looking for. For instance, you can choose from ‘Most Popular’ to ‘Box Sets.’ Alternatively, if you fancy browsing the entire library, you can even opt to do that.

Once you decide on which movie you would like to watch, accessing the movie is also very easy to do. All you have to do is press the ‘record’ button on your Sky remote control; this will then transfer the movie by downloading it into your ‘Planner’. It makes you wonder, with so much choice, whether you ever to rush out to rent a DVD from your local store when you have access to this many movies, from new to old, at the touch of a button.

With so many movies to choose from (over 600) those with young children may be worried that they may have access to films which are unsuitable for them – worry not. The usual parental controls exist for Anytime+ hence you can ‘lock’ any programmes/movies which you deem inappropriate for younger viewers.

All this considered, Anytime+ is obviously a major bonus for any Sky TV customer. If you are a Sky TV customer but don’t currently have Sky Broadband it would be worth looking into getting it in order to make the most of Anytime+ – make sure you get Broadband Unlimited though as everything you download to watch counts towards your monthly limit on Everyday Lite.

Good news for Virgin TV customers too as last year Sky Anytime+ vbecame available on Virgin’s top TV package XL as part of the on-demand offering (coupled with TV Choice XL it’s hard to beat for choice).

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