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Supertelly from Sky


To go straight to the Sky website and check out the Supertelly deals for yourself click here or on the Supertelly logo.

There have been quite a few changes at Sky TV this week – they’re calling it Supertelly! It’s all about HD now, and the Standard and Sky+ boxes have all but disappeared in favour of the Sky+HD Box, which is now the box you get with all new Sky TV deals, you then choose whether or not to take the HD Pack which gives you the HD channels.

The HD Pack costs £10 a month but if you take it out the Sky+HD Box is free with free set up (normally £49+£30), so over a 12 month contract it’s only £41 more expensive – worth considering. The Standard Sky Digibox is still available but only as part of Multiroom, whereas the Sky+ Box has gone – history. One to look out for if you’re really into your telly is the new Sky+HD 1TB Box – it has a terabyte of storage for video (240 hours of HD) and costs £249, more on that in a future post. Alternatively check out the Virgin TV packages for comparison.

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