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Telly in Your Pocket – Best Mobile Phones for iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

Many residents of the United Kingdom will be aware that the BBC iPlayer service is available to everyone with a TV Licence – it’s a great service, to say the least, but I wonder how many people realise how easy it can be to take it with them wherever they go, in the form of their mobile phone? Well this has been possible for a while now, and the choice of phones on which iPlayer is available is getting bigger all the time. The BBC has a wide variety of applications available for its service on most mobile platforms.

Which mobiles are good for iPlayer?

The mobile phones mentioned below can use the BBC iPlayer as detailed in the boxes.

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Best Mobiles for iPlayer

If you’re on an Android powered device, you can download the iPlayer app from the Android Market, you will however have to make sure that you are running version 2.2 or higher and that your device has at the very least, the ARMv7 processor in order to use the application properly. Please remember that in order to use any of iPlayer’s services on these mobile devices you will still be required to have a valid WiFi connection as it uses a lot of bandwidth and a 3G connection simply won’t be able to handle it. Still, maybe in the future when 4G finally arrives?

At least for now, this is a part-fix for iPlayer addicts who want to be able to catch-up with Eastenders or any of their other favourite BBC programmes on the move. iPlayer is available for free to anyone in the United Kingdom with a working internet connection and a valid TV licence.

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