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Virgin Media £50 Credit + Free TiVo Box = Great Deal

Virgin TiVo

Great news if you want to get Virgin Media TiVo as the popular £50 credit deal has returned for 2 weeks only – this is where Virgin Media will give you a £50 credit onto your first bill if you take any triple bundle of TV, broadband and phone as an online order.

What makes this a particularly good offer is when it’s combined with the other current Virgin Media promotion which gives you free TiVo box installation and free activation if you buy online. The total saving there is £99.90 so if you add on the £50 credit you have the chance to save £149.90 on the deal.

In case you haven’t heard yet TiVo is Virgin Media’s flagship all-singing, all-dancing TV service which lets you search, browse and record TV in a much more advanced way than its competitors thanks to the Virgin TiVo Box, which comes in 2 sizes – 500GB and 1 Terabyte. As well as letting you record 3 channels while watching a previously recorded one the TiVo box lets you browse the last 7 days TV to pick out shows to watch on catch-up, as well as browsing forward to plan recordings like a normal EPG. You can create a ‘Wishlist’ by specifying keywords such as actor or director names and the box will record any relevant content for you, even recording ‘Suggestions’ of other programmes you may like. You can also search YouTube and watch that on your TV, safe in the knowledge that the main broadband speed won’t be affected because the box uses a separate dedicated 10Mb connection just for this.

The free activation and installation deal applies to the 500GB version of the box, the 1TB version will incur a £49.95 activation fee.

Virgin TV Triple Bundles

If you’re new to Virgin TV you can start by selecting which TV size you want in your bundle from TV M+, with 65 channels, to TV L – 100 channels – or TV XL, with 160 channels to choose from. Phone comes in sizes M, L and XL, giving you included evening, weekend or anytime calls and Virgin Broadband comes in L (10Mb), XL (30Mb), XXL (50Mb) or superfast 100Mb in certain areas. You can see the most popular bundles by clicking below to visit the Virgin Media site;

Bundles »

Alternatively you can build your own bundle, and the best place to start to do this would be this page where you can compare the TV sizes and then take it from there;

Compare TV Sizes »

If you don’t need a triple bundle there is also a deal to be had on broadband dual packages where you take Virgin broadband with a Virgin phone line and get free installation worth £49.95 – more info below;

Virgin Broadband »

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