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What’s Happening in 3D TV

We thought it was time for a round-up of what’s been happening in 3D TV in recent weeks, here are a few key developments…

Samsung Free 3D Content

One of the main problems with 3D TV in it’s early stages is the lack of content, particularly if you’re not a Sky Digital customer where most of the 3D programming is. To help counter this Samsung have launched their own 3D service which users of their TVs can view by using the Explore 3D App from the Samsung Smart Hub. Samsung plan to make 3D movies available on it too, with Dreamworks signed up to contribute in the future.

Cello – 3D TV on a Budget

Cello 3D TV

3D TV sets have been coming down in price recently but this new box from UK company Cello seems a really good buy. The company are bringing out a 42 inch 3D TV for £499 which even comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses, so the whole family can sit down and watch a movie. A 47 inch model is also planned for £699.

The Future of 3D

Whether 3D TV will ever fully catch on in the UK Market is anybody’s guess – back in 2009 Sony revealed that they were expecting 3D to be a huge business bringing in over $11bn in 2012-2013, and that could still happen. Now halfway through 2011 a new report from Informa Telecoms & Media gives a more restrained view of how the great British public will take to 3D.

The Informa report reckons that by 2016 one in three households in Britain (which by then will be about 11 million) will have a 3D TV, but more by default than by intention as manufacturers start to make 3D compatibility a standard feature to future-proof their products. They estimate that only about half of that number will ever watch any 3D content and those that do will restrict their 3D viewing to films and special sporting events. It’s only common sense really that most people will never be interested in donning 3D glasses to watch Eastenders or the news – even when the glasses-less 3D TV pioneered by Toshiba gets cheaper it’s destined to remain a special occasion viewing event.

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