Virgin Media TiVo Starter Bundle

If you want to try TiVo, the new intelligent TV service from Virgin Media then this starter bundle is the best value package – it is also available with the higher capacity 1TB box but the package below comes with a 500GB TiVo Box and the triple bundle of TV M+, Phone M and Broadband L, so you have 65 TV channels, up to 10Mb download speed on the broadband and unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobile numbers.

It costs £23 a month (this is £20 for the triple bundle and £3 a month for the TiVo) plus a Virgin phone line for £13.90 a month.

The 500GB TiVo Box not only records around 250 hours of TV but lets you search across live TV, On Demand, catch-up and web TV content by keyword for actor, director or title. It even makes suggestions and records programmes for you based on your viewing behaviour and, thanks to the built-in 10Mb broadband connection, you can stream online TV without affecting the broadband for the rest of the household.

Click the banner below and select £23 bundle from the list on the left.

Details of the Virgin Media TiVo Starter Bundle package

TiVo from Virgin Media

Virgin TiVo Box

Having originated in the USA, TiVo launched on Virgin Media in early 2010 and takes the idea of watching what you want when you want to a whole new level. Instead of just searching either catch-up TV from the last week or the channels in your package, say, you can now search for programmes across live TV, web TV content, On Demand and catch-up all at once. Search for 'Pink Floyd' and you might get an old Classic Albums documentary from On-Demand, a radio show coming up 3 days later and lots of clips from YouTube but all in one place, rather than having to search those areas individually. You can search in this way by actor, director or title.

The box itself has a 500GB hard drive for recording, its own 10Mb broadband connection so use of the web features like YouTube, eBay and Facebook won't interfere with the main broadband of the household. It's an intelligent set-up that gets to know what you like to watch and will recommend content for you based on what you watch and record. It will record shows it thinks you will like, known as 'Suggestions', although never at the expense of a programme you have requested to record. There's even a 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' key on the remote control so you can tell the box what you think of its recommendations. As with all of the Virgin PVR boxes the TiVo boxes have 3 tuners so you can record 2 channels while watching a third, or even record 3 channels.

Included in the Bundle

  • Virgin TV M+ - this package consists of 65 channels including Sky1, Sky LIVING and Discovery
  • Virgin Phone M - unlimited UK weekend calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers and Virgin Mobiles
  • Virgin Broadband L - Up to 10Mb speed, unlimited downloads, free wireless router