Virgin Media TiVo XL

Combining the 500GB Virgin TiVo Box with the top TV size available on Virgin Media, TV XL, this bundle gives you access to over 160 channels of live TV and the ability to search and record a host of other programmes using the TiVo service – it really is a top package.

The cost is £41 a month plus Virgin line rental for £13.90 a month. The cost is made up of £38 a month for the bundle and an extra £3 a month for TiVo.

The TiVo service from Virgin Media works like a normal PVR (personal video recorder,) enabling you to pause rewind and record live TV, but it goes a few steps further too. You can search content by keyword across not just your live TV channels but catch-up, On Demand and web TV like YouTube as well. You create a WishList of favourite programmes to catch and tell the box what sort of TV you like by using the new Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on the remote. The 500GB hard drive in this box will let you record around 250 hours of standard TV.

Details of the Virgin Media TiVo XL package

What's in the Package

Virgin TiVo Box

  • >> TV XL - over 160 channels from all the free-to-air favourites to ESPN, Discovery and Nickelodeon. XL also gives you access to the full range of TV Choice on demand content on Virgin, with entire series of top shows like House, Heroes and Dexter there to be watched at will
  • >> Phone M - unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Mobiles
  • >> Broadband L - download speeds of up to 10Mb, unlimited downloads subject to fair usage policy, a free wireless router, 5GB of online storage and 10 free photo prints per month. Virgin Media are known as the fastest broadband supplier so the 10Mb advertised is what you will get - average 9.5 - 9.7Mb

More about TiVo

The 500GB TiVo Box is HD and 3D ready and gives you all the functionality of a V+ Box (pause, rewind and record TV) and lots more- here are the key features;

  • >> Search - by keyword for actor, director or title and the box will bring back content from live TV, something you may have missed in the last week, a pay per view movie and even content from the web
  • >> WishList - this is like pre-ordering what you want and the box will find and record shows that fit the bill
  • >> Suggestions - TiVo will get to know the sort of thing you like and suggest other programmes for you, even recording them in a special folder
  • >> Web Apps - You can use the TiVo box for web applications like eBay, Facebook and Twitter
  • >> Built-in Broadband - The box has it's own 10Mb broadband connection, separate from your broadband package, so you can stream web TV and use the apps without slowing down the internet for the rest of the household