Virgin TV L + Phone M

Virgin TV L and Virgin Phone M is a medium sized package from Virgin Media to get you started with their fibre optic TV and Phone services.

Details of the Virgin TV L + Phone M package

Virgin TV L comes with over 100 digital TV channels including Sky 1, 2 and 3, UKTV, GOLD, LIVING TV and more. Not only that, you’ll also get a free on demand catch-up TV service which allows you to watch TV from the last 7 days so you can catch up on TV that you’ve missed during the week. With the Virgin TV L package you’ll also get a free Virgin V box. The Virgin Phone M package comes with free unlimited weekend calls so can take your time on those long calls with loved ones.

The Virgin TV L and Virgin Phone M package is one of the most popular packages with Virgin Media’s cable service. You also don’t have to pay BT a line rental charge and you won’t experience any loss of service because of bad weather since all of their fibre optic lines run underground, out of sight.